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Cafflano Go Brew

Cafflano Go Brew

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Cafflano Go Brew

Beanscorp’s 4th flagship model, Cafflano® Go-Brew is a multi-functional versatile bottle pumped up with full of functionalities, pour-over coffee brewer, beverage bottle, and eco-friendly take-away cup, not to mention its sustainability. Coffee-lovers can brew coffee anywhere and bring it around without hassle.

Eco-friendly Cafflano® Go-Brew
Beanscorp is seriously concerned about environmental problems and has always been trying to make eco-friendly product using sustainable materials. Thus, taking bioplastic Ecozen as a main material of Go-Brew wasn't a hard thing to do despite significant rise of the cost. Bioplastics are plastics derived from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, straw, woodchips, food waste, etc. Bioplastic Ecozen is the world's first bio-copolyester material based on copolyester without bisphenol A, and having high heat and chemical resistances, and transparent. Other materials used in Go-Brew are BPA-free PP and silicone.

• Functions : A single integrated bottle with versatile functions (Patent Pending)
  o Water bottle (all beverages)
  o Takeaway cup/bottle for cold & hot drinks
  o Pour-over set for coffee (and brew tea)

• Material : Bioplastic ECOZEN, Silicone & PP
  o Bio-plastic (Bio-copolyester) ECOZEN from Biomass (Cup & Dripper)
  ▪ High heat distortion & recyclability
  ▪ High chemical resistance
  ▪ High strength
  o Polypropylene, BPA Free (Cup Sleeve/Stand, Cap)
  o Silicone (Gaskets on Cap, Dripper)

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