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Cafflano Home Brewing Kit

Cafflano Home Brewing Kit

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Foldable and light KLIP DRIPPER

GO-KETTLE that instantly transforms any mug into a perfect Drip Kettle. And Quality-proven 50 Paper Filters using fabric materials from Switzerland.

Cafflano Go-Kettle : The Magic PotConvert any mug into a Drip Kettle
  • Increase mug capacity by 150ml
  • Eco-friendly & flexible silicone material
  • Light, durable, sustainable & portable
  • Fun to use
  • Patent pending

Cafflano Klip Dripper : Foldable Dripper
  • Foldable design- the maximum portability
  • Light & safe to use
  • Works with any size of servers & cups
  • Fold one side only (No need to fold up the bottom of paper filter)
  • Easy-brewing rib design
  • Open structure to check coffee extraction
  • Works with any cone filter
  • Patent pending

Cone Paper Filter
  • 1 x 2 (#2) size for 1 to 2cup(s)
  • 50 bleached sheets
  • Paper fabric from Switzerland

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