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iXflash Cube

iXflash Cube

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Auto Backup Fotos & Videos für iPhone & iPadPhoto, Apple MFi Certified

The iXflash Cube is an ingenious solution for regularly and reliably backing up Apple iOS devices (iPhone/iPad). The 30x40mm small device is simply plugged in between the charger and the charging cable. The associated app is initially set up once before it automatically saves all photos, videos and contacts from the iPhone or iPad in the future. And the whole thing happens with every charging process, fully automatically. The security mechanisms also allow user management of up to 8 people, so the whole family can store their sensitive data without other family members or even third parties being able to access it. With this device, they store your precious memories locally and reliably, so you never (again) have to get into the situation of data loss; no matter if the phone is lost or broken or even stolen. Your data is safe!

The iXflash Cube is delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. It is ready to use immediately and only needs to be plugged between the existing power supply and the charging cable of the iOS device (USB-A or USB-C to Lightning). As soon as the iPhone or iPad is connected to the other end of the cable for the first time, the user is prompted to download the app of the same name from the App Store. The app is set up in a matter of seconds with the assignment of a user name, access authorisation to the photos and videos on the iOS device and access authorisation to the contacts. To increase security, the app asks for Face ID to be activated or for the use of the Trust Circle, a user group management if the iXflash Cube is to be used by several users. Once this is done, the app offers to perform the initial backup of the connected iPhone or iPad. In doing so, the user can decide whether he or she would like to have contacts saved locally on the iXflash Cube in addition to photos and videos. From now on, the iXflash Cube and the app perform their back-up service fully automatically. With each loading process, the latest reminders and contacts are backed up incrementally and reliably in the background. If the user wants to stay informed, he can activate the app's own push notifications. In the event that the iPhone or iPad is broken or lost, all backed-up data can be transferred to a new iOS device with a single click. Optionally, the user can transfer all photos, videos and contacts to a computer or Mac at any time.

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