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Cafflano Krinder

Cafflano Krinder

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A lightweight coffee grinder weighing only 295 grams in a pocket-friendly format and very handy. It can grind up to 30 grams of beans at once, enough to make 2 cups of coffee. The silicone-coated body fits perfectly in the hand and provides a reliable grip. Thanks to the precise stainless steel grinder, the beans are cut and not crushed. With 27 different grinding settings, you can find the right drink for everyone, from espresso to filter coffee

“The best price & performance being considered in priority and more things were weight, design, convenience too. We’ve achieved them all for customers.”

  • • Effortless grinding
      o Precision-cut hardened & tempered steel burr set
      o Sharp edge-holding capabilities
    • Affordable price ($$)
    • Grind consistency
      o Maintenance-free self plain bearing system (shaft & housing) implemented
      o Secured center shaft riding on one-piece non-metallic housing
      o Espresso to Pour-over coffee (technically Turkish to French Press/Cold Brew)
      o Italian conical METAL-burr set
    • Maximum portability
      o Lightest (295g) & compact handle locks
    • Espresso to Pour-over (technically Turkish to French Press/Cold Brew)
      o Extra Fine to Extra Coarse
    • Easy numbered dial steps & hygienic grind setting wheel on top
    • Optimised hopper & jar capacity 30g for 2 cups
      o Light roasted beans & grounds for pour-over
    • Design & Utility Patents

With the right grinding setting and the high-quality grinder, the right bean powder comes out in the end, from the finest (for Turkish coffee, espresso) to the coarsest setting (for filter coffee or cold brew).

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