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RipBox DVD, automatic dubbing and burning robot

RipBox DVD, automatic dubbing and burning robot

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The universal genius

  • 1 DVD recorder (Optiarc AD-5290)
  • 25 discs queue
  • only 21 x 40 x 22 cm in size
  • Automatically rip or burn your CD/DVD collection
  • robust, simple technology
  • practically indestructible, wearing parts are easy to replace

For discs in poor general condition, we recommend the RipBox Blu-ray

Makes the tedious process of transferring your music CD or DVD film collection to the NAS or media server easier. Automatically reads and processes 25 data carriers one after the other.

Direct integration into the software ImgBurn ( for ISO creation and dbPoweramp ( for ripping and automatic tagging of the music library.

Many other programs can also be used with simple batch files. For example, they have already been successfully integrated

DVDFab (video encoding including removal of copy protection)

ExifTool (photo management)

Powershell for countless file sorting, copying and renaming options

You can also use RipBox to automatically burn CD/DVD/BD. For example, to create backup copies of your beloved music and film collection. The RipBox is also often used for regularly expanding company system backups.

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